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Things to Do

In between your Yellow Springs Experience activities, there is plenty to keep you busy. Yellow Springs is an eclectic village known for recreational attractions, unique shops, gourmet restaurants, lively arts and healthful living.

For a Visitor’s Guide and additional information about Yellow Springs, email the Chamber of Commerce or call 937-767-2686.

Visitor’s Guide

Download this PDF to help you find all that Yellow Springs offers our visitors! (2.8 MB file)

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Getting Around

Yellow Springs is a 2 square mile village that is easily walk-able from anywhere in town. Bicycles are a favorite mode of transportation so please feel free to bring yours as a means of getting around the village. Special areas will be created for bike parking and bike racks can be found at most of the YSE venues. If you’re unable to bring your bike, rentals are available at Corner Cone Dairy Bar.

Some of the workshops and tours will be held outside of Yellow Springs so it will be necessary to have a car if you enroll in those sessions. If you will not have a car available, contact the Coordinator at 937-532-6237 to discuss whether transportation arrangements are possible.

The map below shows the areas near Yellow Springs, Ohio. To see more details, click the map image below to see an interactive Google map with more about the Yellow Springs Experience, and other information about Yellow Springs!

Where to Stay

Yellow Springs is home to several B&B’s and a vintage motel although they may already be booked for the Antioch Writer’s Workshop. You can find local accommodations and some regional accommodations on the Chamber of Commerce website.

For regional lodging, you can visit the Greene County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

Camping is available at John Bryan State Park located 1 mile outside of Yellow Springs and at Camp Birch located 2 miles outside of Yellow Springs.

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